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Spaces left in classes will be in parentheses.

Saturday 9/3/22 Workshops
1:00-4:00 Intro to Tapestry with Rose Class Fee: $50 Minimum class size 6 Maximum class size 15 (13 spaces left) Tapestry on frame looms. In this three hour workshop. We will begin the process of warping looms and designing a small tapestry. I will sample the basic stitches and show you how to
approach the different stitch techniques to create your one of a kind tapestry.
The participants will need to have but not necessary a small tapestry frame loom like a Mirrex,
Cactus, Arras, or hand held wooden small loom.
The $50 fee will include warp: cotton or wool and weft, weight 1/2 pound and drafting paper
and notes.
Come and create your unique Tapestry with us.
Sunday 9/4/22 Workshops
1:00-4:00 Give Spinning a Whorl with Joy Getha Deadline to sign up is Friday morning, 9/2, Class size: 6 maximum (3 spaces left) Fee: $60- I will provide: A gift bag for each student containing several ounces of spinning fiber, drop spindles, wheels, oil, and bobbins. The course is in two parts: drop spindle spinning, and spinning on a wheel. I will bring: Wool in various stages of preparation, tools, a drop spindle and a wheel for each student, handouts, music.
Outline of class:
Drop Spindle – Types of drop spindles; drafting; common terms; overview of the process to prepare wool for spinning. Students then practice spinning with the drop spindles for the remainder of the hour.
Wheel – types of wheels, parts of the wheel (scotch tension; we do not use Irish tension wheels). Then, each student sits at a wheel and practices controlling the wheel with their feet. Once they have done that for a while and can keep the wheel turning consistently and slowly, they get used to holding the leader as they treadle. Once they are used to that, they are given some wool to practice spinning. We swap wheels every 15 minutes or so, that way students can try different ones.
Discussion of resources: books, websites, local farms and businesses to buy supplies.
Monday 9/5/22 Workshops
**THIS CLASS IS FULL**10:00-2:00 Peg Loom with Ariel Williams from Kylari’s Kritters Class size: 5 maximum (0 spaces left) Fee: $125 Weave your own luxurious rug! You will receive all supplies and go away with terrific new skills. All the materials are provided, and the loom is yours to take home. This will be a super fluffy and fuzzy addition to your home. It is made in the ancient viking style on a peg loom. These rugs are great as a bathmat or rustic and safe hearth rug. The raw wool comes directly from local Ariel has owned sheep since 2007. Her journey into fiber arts began shortly after. Needle felting was her first venture, then finger weaving, crocheting, peg looms, cruelty free sheepskin rugs and most recently dyeing roving and yarn. You can see more of her products inside Gathering Hearth at Church Street Market Shops in Edgewood, NM.

**THIS CLASS IS FULL** 11:00-2:00 Needle Felting with Judy Chapman. Class Fee $40 (includes materials) Maximum class size 5 (0 spaces left) Judy has been creating craft projects since she was 11 years old.  Her passion to learn and master ranged from sewing, embroidery, crocheting, cross stitch, and creating articulating bears from mohair.  Her felting experience began in 2005 and has been her focus and interest ever since.  She is an award winning Fiber Artist who has received the coveted Lorraine Mooney Award at the Taos Wool Festival and numerous awards at the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta.

2:00-4:00 Hand painting yarn skeins, roving or warps with Robin. Class Fee: $35 Maximum Class size 8 (6 spaces left)
Bring up to 4oz of skeins of yarn, roving or warp. Any fiber except acrylic, poly or viscose. Handpainting using fiber-reactive dye and microwave. Sock yarn for purchase on day of class as well as dye kits ($35) available.
Judy and some of her felted items